This past week has been a busy week for the Bell Administration, Citizen Special Investigation task force (CSI), and city leaders.  The CSI task force has held multiple meetings to discuss the budget deficit and plan.  The will continue to meet until a balanced budget proposal is completed and presented.

CSI met this past Thursday with city leadership for the first in a series of Budget Working Meetings.  These meetings include business leaders, union leaders, government Directors, and City Council members to discuss Toledo’s multi-million dollar deficit.  The meeting included a budget panel that consisted of Deputy Mayor, Steve Herwat, Finance Director, Patrick McLean, and Clarence Coleman, Commissioner – Taxation/Treasury.  The leadership then asked questions and gave feedback on what they heard.

The next steps include weekly Budget Working Meetings with city leadership, along with District Budget Meeting to be held in the communities.  The goal of the meetings is to develop a common understanding of the current financial situation along with potential scenarios and options for addressing the deficit.  City Council desires to collect citizen input regarding priority services and other budget related issues.

To read what the Bell administration is asking of departments please read the following article.

Reminder upcoming meetings:

Wednesday, Feb. 10 9:30am-11:30am Budget Working Meeting Navy Bistro @ The Docks

Thursday, Feb. 11 District Working Meeting Navy Bistro @ The Docks

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