Great News

Close to 20k in funds and supplies were (and are still coming in) raised for kids in the Toledo Public School System, with the Salvation Army providing the collection and delivery of school supplies to the students through requests by their teachers. One by one, Capt. Tawny, Beth, and the Salvation Army team have delivered to over 100 teachers and their children in 33 schools. The 20k raised will add to what has already been delivered.

The Back to the Future Initiative Team met last week to share the progress made.  Many heartwarming stories were shared. The requests from teachers have been both heartwarming and abundant. One teacher said that she has been teaching for 27 years, and never has anyone offered to help.

The better we do, the more people are aware and able to support the need, and… more students get served. Our efforts are helping a child this morning feel better about going to school.

Back to the Future Requests Update

Are you or your organizations willing to join the “On-Call” Team for Kids?

Capt. Tawny at the Salvation Army will be providing leadership to this newly forming team of people and organizations as we move forward. Thank you!  The FoT Initiative will continue to connect city government with the organizations, leverage the FoT network members, and provide facilitation support as needed. Join the team in order to be the “on call” team for TPS and beyond – year round. 

At our FoT meeting on September 17th, the Department of Public Services (DPS) challenged the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) to see who could raise the most.  They presented their totals at the meeting last week.

From Amy Wood, Commissioner of Special Projects, Department of Public Safety:  

The DPU vs. DPS challenge has ended. Together the two teams raised over  $5,500  for FoT’s Back to the Future Initiative. Although DPS won the competition, the TPS students are the real winners.  Both DPU and DPS had a great time with the challenge. DPS held a pie throwing contest with the targets being the supervisors, 50/50 raffles, a TV raffle, and a breakfast burrito sale. DPU conducted 50/50 raffles and hosted a school supplies drive.

Both departments are excited to have raised the funds for the school supplies effort.

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