This past Wednesday, the leadership team discussed and determined options & consequences for cutting cost, making concessions, and revenue generating.  This was the last meeting for the team before the deadline to submit a balanced budget proposal to city council by March 1.

City leaders looked at and prioritized ideas that will have an impact on the budget this fiscal year.  After looking at these ideas they then grouped them into three areas, A, B, and C.  A were for ideas that would be the ideal plan for the budget. B were for ideas that were more of a feasible plan to happen. C were for ideas that were  an alternative if if A and B could not be achieved.  After discussing which ideas should be in A, B, and C they then took it a step future and identified consequences if they could not be achieved.

Some of the options mentioned and discussed at the various tables are as follows:

  • Receivership
  • Healthcare
  • Unions
  • Tax credit
  • Event tax
  • Refuse fee
  • Red light Camera fees
  • layoffs (as a last resort)
  • CIP (Capital Improvement Fund)
  • Pension pickup

Below is a conversation that took place about the tax credit issue.

Some city leaders are concerned with the tax credit and what effect it will have on the city’s population. To learn more please watch the video below.

To wrap up the meeting Mayor Mike Bell gave closing remarks to the leadership team and thanked everyone for their hard work and time they committed.

Next steps are to present a balanced budget proposal to city council by March 1.  Also the leadership team will still meet if any other pressing issues arise or if the proposed budgeted submitted to city council is not approved.  Also all citizens are urged to attend one of many district meetings.  The first district meeting is district 3, on Wednesday, March 3rd at 4:30pm at Waite High School.

Citizens of Toledo can voice their opinion on the ideas being looked at and contribute ideas by going to

In the News This Past Week.

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