The Department of Public Utilities has begun their journey to taking a best practices approach to making their department a best practice in the city and the country. The 7-step process they are using was originally crafted and fine tuned with the Department of Public Service. Below you will find the current purpose and outcome of DPU’s Best Practices Initiative.

Purpose & Outcomes

By creating a unified, efficient, and customer oriented DPU, we will capitalize on our Great Lakes location and resources to make our community more competitive and the preferred destination in the U.S. Our outcomes are:

  • Learn about co-workers in order to improve “getting” ideas and implementing solutions.
  • Team building exercise / learn about co-workers in order to build trust.
  • Empowering decision-makers at appropriate levels in order to be more efficient and improve morale.
  • Engaging employees at all levels to increase ownership and support DPU mission.
  • Succession planning in order to follow through with strategic planning process with specific initiatives.
  • Create desire for change that this time it’s possible / likely.
  • Quick results – build confidence in the process.
  • Conduct evaluations to know that we have succeeded.
  • Be a positive force for transformation in the city.
  • Bring a business minded approach to city government.