Chief Diggs announced the $1.25 million COPS grant award from the Department of Justice. This award will be used to hire ten additional police officers and will pay for 75% of their wages for their  three (3) years of Service.

Because of the grant, the Toledo Police Department was able to increase its current police class from 65 to 75 cadets. This class started October 15th and will graduate sometime in April of 2014.

Once the 75 new officers hit the streets, the Toledo Police Department can implement its Community Corridor Initiative (CCI). The additional manpower will provide for ten officers to be dedicated to five of Toledo’s historic neighborhoods to address neighborhood and small business concerns. The program will function as a complement to the Data Driven Policing Initiative, which combines intelligence led policing with community policing practices and utilizes the latest technology and problem solving methods.

The targeted corridors are vital gateways into both business and residential areas of Toledo and their success is critical to the overall Well-being of the city. They include: 1) the Lagrange Street corridor, 2) the Cherry Street Legacy corridor, 3) the Main Street corridor, 4) the Broadway corridor, and 5) the Sylvania Avenue corridor.