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Best Practices Workshop Summary Report

Over the past year, the Department of Public Service (DPS) has been working to deliver excellent service today, while looking to the future.  In the transition process, our Executive Staff conducted a 9 step Benchmarking Process as part of the Benchmark in Best Practices Initiative. The aim of the initiative is to:

transform our department and city into an innovative leader in

providing services that are benchmarked by other cities.

We believe “time is right” with a mayor looking for innovation, budget challenges, great team, and collaborative process that will engage:

  • Whole Department
  • Employees
  • Unions
  • City Council
  • Mayor’s Office & Departments
  • Ext. Resources & Expertise
  • Community Leaders
  • Citizens

The Executive Staff conducted the benchmarking visits of three cities and compiled the results to share with the other departments in city government (see Mayor Bell’s Invitation Letter). Leaders from across City of Toledo departments gathered to discuss the ways services can be enhanced and delivered.

Part 1



Part 2



Part 3


Over 100  Directors, Commissioners, and Managers attended this event. Today’s local government is marked by broad challenges.  Their insights and contributions were essential to helping the City of Toledo collaboratively identify ways remain competitive and effective. Review the Summary Report (link to slides here) on the video above.  Over the next weeks, we will be giving further details from the Best Practices Workshop and next steps as we work across departments to collaboratively lead the transformation of our city.


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