SAM is an investment in the one-mile stretch of Sylvania Avenue that extends from Douglas west to Secor. This project was developed out of a need to strengthen Toledo neighborhoods through an investment in a cohesive vision. Though this is a small stretch of road, it is a corridor to the thriving retail area around Westfield Franklin Park Mall. Elevating the Sylvania Avenue corridor will highlight the extensive work done by the City and State to the surrounding areas, and will attract both home buyers and businesses.

Recent Developments & Updates

  • The City of Toledo has committed seed money for aesthetic improvements along this one-mile stretch of Sylvania Avenue.
  • Meetings were held with several key businesses to leverage additional dollars for this project. The completed project is estimated by our design engineers to run $1.9 million.
  • Additionally, feedback has been gathered from residential neighbors through community meetings and surveys, encouraging them to take an active role by sharing their visions for the walkable, main street-like business corridor.
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