Excellent work by each of the teams in our project meeting last week. Many of the teams have moved immediately to action,  holding their action meetings this week. Here is a brief update on the meeting and next steps. Further updates will be coming next week.

  1. Attendance.We had 324 RSVPs for the Future of Toledo 2013 Strategic Projects Meeting. Over 300 attended the event, with 277 people signed up for one of the 14 projects. The FoT community has grown to almost 1000 participants involved either in working sessions, opting into the communication circle, and wanting to contribute to our projects as we move forward. See all the handouts used at our meeting.
    • Agenda. You can download these and use them as templates for your own meetings. http://tinyurl.com/StrategicProjectsAgenda
    • Event Evaluation.If you didn’t get a chance to fill out an evaluation at the meeting, take a moment now to give your opinions. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FoTProjectsEval
    • Want to sign up for a project? Some people couldn’t attend the meeting and want to sign up for a project – click here to get in on the action www.FutureOfToledo.com/signup.
  2. 3 Key Tasks.As a team, your Champions will guide you in completing three tasks this year.
    • Team’s Purpose. Make significant progress, concrete results, on your project in 2013.
    • Who to Involve? Widen your circle of involvement. Find key people and organizations to include in the planning process.
    • Project PLAN. Use the Strategic Project PLAN to guide you in completing an evidence-based roadmap that leads to robust results. Champions will be meeting on Jan 30 (10am) to discuss DRAFTS of the first 13 questions.
  3. Strategic Projects Planning Template.Your team will be completing a thorough project PLAN. This plan will ensure your project is robust and the team can make a compelling case to stakeholders and grant institutions.
    • Template. Here is a link to the PLAN template that you can view: http://tinyurl.com/StrategicProjectsTemplate. Your team has a working folder on Google Drive with a template you can fill in. Champions have this information.
    • Strategy at a Glance. See the city’s strategic action plan for 2013 at the following link: http://tinyurl.com/StrategicActionPlanGlance