Thank You

Thank you to everyone who came out to Inez Nash Park on Monday June 3rd, to show your support for the Woodberry Park Kids Cartooning and Chess Afterschool Program.

On display were fantastic samples of cartoons drawn by the kids already in the program. Chess tables were aplenty and the kids were there to play chess. The kids met with Mayor Bell, TPS Superintendent, Romules Durant, and Partners in Education Executive Director, Becky Spencer, along with Warren & Yolanda Woodberry who are the driving force behind the Woodberry Park Kids Cartooning and Chess Afterschool program. All four of these leaders talked about which Toledo Public High School they graduated from and assured the kids they can become leaders too. A notable quote from the Woodberry Park Afterschool program is “Each One, Teach One”.

Some of the kids responded to the question “If you were Mayor what would you do?“

  • I would make more Chess Clubs and make chess a priority for schools
  • I would help people who need help
  • I would be doing the great things he (Mayor Bell) does right now
  • I would help keep the environment clean and take all drugs and guns off the streets
  • I would try to change lives

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