The Future of Toledo (FoT) Initiative is moving to action. Approximately 250 people attended the March 21, 2013 Strategic Projects meeting at the University of Toledo’s Rocket Hall. Mayor Bell along with the Future of Toledo Co-Chairs and UT’s President Dr. Lloyd Jacobs opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.


The meeting kicked off with a presentation from Diane Leonard, a grant writing consultant, who is helping us to seek tens of millions of dollars to take the FoT projects to action. The 15 Project Teams each gave a 3 minute presentation on their progress and what their next steps will be, while participants gave feedback on each presentation with any questions or suggestions they may have for the teams.


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The project teams then gathered to collaborate further within their individual teams and continue work on their project PLAN.


As of April 3, 2013, the teams have completed the first 38 questions from their thorough project PLAN.  Completing this step ensures the projects are robust and the teams can make a compelling case to stakeholders and grant institutions. It also helps pinpoint what parts of millions of dollars of funding opportunities each team can tap into.

View the Draft Project Plans at:

IMG_3388More than 1000 people are now a part of the Future of Toledo Community. Over the past three years, community and government leaders have held working meetings to collaboratively create a mission, vision, and goals for the Future of Toledo, resulting in the Strategic Action Plan 2013 with 15 Strategic Projects for 2013. (

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